Bmama: Made for comfort, without compromising on style!

Bmama: Made for comfort, without compromising on style!

Built to cater to the needs of mothers, Bmama was established in 2016. The brand bagged Awards for two categories in the BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards 2020, namely Comfortable Nursing Bra and Maternity Support Belt. Kay Wong, the Managing Director of Bmama Maternity PLT shared with BabyTalk recently that their support wears were created to help solve or mitigate the problems of pregnant ladies, as well as new moms.

“Due to the changes of the body figure during pregnancy, many moms will lose their self confidence, not to mention too, that they’ll have to endure the physical pain and discomfort throughout their pregnancy.” For example, an expanding belly needs proper support. Conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction can cause needless unbearable discomforts for pregnant moms, and these are mainly due to inadequate support around the strained regions of the lower abdomen, waist and lower back. Many Malaysian moms-to-be have found the Bmama Signature Support Belt to be heaven sent. After all, it was created specifically to provide comfort and relief for pregnant moms, allowing them to go about their days without these cumbersome aches and pains.

The Bmama Signature Support Belt hugs a pregnant belly in such a way to prevent it from sagging while providing a snug and comfortable support around the waist and lower back as well.

“With good inner support-wear that could help ease the pain and correct the posture, a pregnant mom’s mood can be lifted instantaneously. Plus, she will be able to confidently wear any new maternity outfit to flaunt the beautiful progress of her pregnancy. It gives us happiness to be able to help pregnant moms walk their journey of pregnancy with ease and bliss.” Ms Kay stated.

“As for nursing moms. we realised that a comfortable bra with good support will be of immense help, as the breasts will be at its heaviest, and filled with milk, with the mom’s rib cage also expanding to its maximum width,” Ms Kay observed. This is where Bmama stands out again- with comfortable material, good cutting, great support and created for easy nursing! Their clients are in constant awe at all the beautiful designs they can choose from. “You see, nursing bras are rarely fashionable or stylish. So, when customers walk into our shop and check out our selection, they can hardly believe their eyes!” she quipped, gleefully.

“Bagging these two Awards from the BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards 2020 is an honorable recognition of what we have done and the beliefs we had along the way, especially during a pandemic and a tight competition in the market,” said Ms Kay, who strives to see Bmama expand, in terms of product revolution, upgrades and channel distribution. “The most efficient and effective way to help new moms nowadays is to reach out to them directly, when they need it the most. In this context, the best venue is at a confinement center where they can focus on self-care while their babies are in good hands. High quality support wear will ultimately provide a more quality experience during this stage of their motherhood journey,” said Ms Kay.

Ms Kay enthused that her brand will remain focused amidst growing competition, to streamline their products while launching multiple product ranges created after some research and following the development on the market. “We realised many similar products in the common market are more commercialised, where most of their focus were on external appearance instead of the core function. Contrary to that, we want to create something that could really benefit the mothers,” she concluded.

Source: BabyTalk Malaysia

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